The School of General Intelligence

The School of General Intelligence

The Unified Intelligence Framework(UIF)

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At The Kosso Ngu School we believe everything in nature can be put into three main categories. These categories are represented by The Portals below. Select the portal you would like to master first and proceed.

Imaginary Portal

Demystify Imaginary Systems

Demystify Infinitesimal Systems

Demystify Emergence

Demystify Natural Intelligence

Demystify Time

Demystify Creation

Infinite Portal

Demystify Complexity

Demystify Infinite Systems

Demystify Dimensions

Demystify Algorithms

Demystify General Intelligence

Demystify Interaction

Real Portal

Demystify Finite Systems

Demystify Discrete Systems

Demystify Evolution

Demystify the Physical World

Demystify Artificial Intelligence

Demystify Space

Demystify Physical & Biological Systems

Alexander Ngu

Founder & Chairman

I am a Cameroonian-American philosopher, polymath, author, and founder. I Founded The Kosso Ngu School, The Universal Journal of Intelligence(UJOI), and NEW GLOBE UTOPIA®. My work focuses on Abstraction, Generalization, and Unification of systems. I was the first person to formulate the Equation of General Intelligence and my research focuses on developing strategies for navigating complexity.

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